B.Tech, ECE
2015 - 2019
Research Intern
IIT Delhi
Summer 2017
Research Intern
IIT Kanpur
Winter 2017
Research Intern
University of Manitoba
Summer 2018
M.S in Inofrmatics
Penn State University
Fall'19 -
Computer Vision Intern
Qualcomm, San-Diego


  • Noisy Student Training using BoLD dataset Improves Facial Expression Recognition
    ECCV 2020 - BEEU Workshop (Oral)

    Details PDF

  • StarGAN-EgVA: Emotion Guided Continuous Affect Synthesis
    ACM-MM 2020 - HuMA Workshop (Oral)

    Details PDF

  • Neural Machine Translation for Low-Resourced Indian Languages
    LREC 2020 - France (Poster)

    Details PDF BibTeX

  • Non-local Attentive Temporal Network for Video-based Person Re-Identification
    AVSS 2019 - Taiwan (Poster)

    Details PDF BibTeX

  • Design of Hanman Entropy Network from Radial Basis Function Network
    Journal of Modern Physics Vol.10 No.13 (2019)

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  • General Room Layout Estimation- (Ongoing Work)
    Advisor: Prof. Daniel Kifer, Prof. Lee Giles
    Timeline : Fall' 2020

  • Emotion Guided Continuous Affect Synthesis - (Published ACM Multimedia Conference)
    Advisor: Prof. James Wang
    Timeline : Fall' 2020

  • Facial Expression Recognition from Videos (Published at ECCV conference)
    Advisor : James Wang
    Timeline : Spring' 2020 - Ongoing

    Slides PDF

  • New York Taxi Trip Duration Prediction - Kaggle
    Advisor : Jessie Li
    Timeline : Fall' 2020

    Slides PDF Code

  • Video-based Person Re-identification Using Spatial-Temporal Attention Networks
    Advisor : Prof. Yang Wang
    Timeline : Summer' 2018, University of Manitoba, Canada.

    Code Paper

  • Task-oriented language visual grounding using Deep Reinforcement Learning
    Advisor : Prof. Vinay Namboodiri
    Timeline : Winter' 2017, IIT-Kanpur, India.

    Code PDF

Recent News

Aug' 2020 Full paper accepted to ACM-MM 2020 - HuMA Workshop.

Aug' 2020 Full paper accepted to ECCV 2020 - BEEU Workshop.

Aug' 2020 Finished internship with Qualcomm as a computer vision intern.

May' 2020 Really excited to start my summer internship at Qualcomm as a computer vision intern.

Feb' 2020 Invited as one of the Grantees for Google AI - Impact Challenge Summit.

Feb' 2020 Paper accepted to LREC-2020.

July' 2019 Work accepted to Journal of Modern Physics.

July' 2019 Paper accepted to AVSS-2019.

August' 2018 Wonderful summer spent at Computer-Vision lab, University of Manitoba.